Ask Angelina Jolie Anything You Want! (Well, Almost)

angelina jolieHold on to your mouse pads, people. The Holy Grail of live online celebrity chats is about take place tonight. Angelina Jolie will be video chatting with her fans for 45 minutes about her new film, In the Land of Blood and Honey -- and, you know, whatever other questions people manage to squeeze in.

Dude. This is huge. We're not talking Kim Kardashian or some Real Housewife here. We're talking Angelina Jolie! Arguably the most famous celebrity in the world. Talking to you online. What would you ask her if you could? I've got a few idears.


Well, first off, I'd start off with a question about her movie. Wouldn't want to make it seem like I was there strictly for goss, which, obviously, I would be. I'd ask her something that made me seem smart, so she'd take to me (she seems to like the intellectual types, no?); something about, I don't know, the Bosnian War and the Memorandum on the Sovereignty of Bosnia-Herzegovina. I'll have to research the details as I don't know that much on the subject. I won't make it anything too involved or controversial, though. Then, once we rap out a bit about politics, I'll get to the good stuff. Like, what kind of eyeliner does she wear?

Oh, come on, like you haven't wondered that. Aside from Kate Middleton, Angelina is the most famous wearer of black eyeliner out there. Inquiring minds want to know what brand she uses. Then I'd move on to the stuff everyone's dying to know about: What her home life is like with Brad, and what she eats.

I'm sure they're annoying questions to her, as she probably gets them 900 times a day, but it'll be cool, 'cause we'll already have bonded over the Bosnian War and whatnot. I just want to know, to clear up the rumors, in a typical day, what her menu looks like (AKA, how can I look like her), and what she and Brad do if they both have the day off. Do they lounge around in their PJs? Or do they get up and go with the kids?

At this point, I'm sure I'll have outstayed my welcome with her, so I'll have to peace out. But it'll totally have been worth it, 'cause, dude, I'll have had (virtual) face time with Angelina Jolie.

To participate in the live chat with Angelina, go to this page on Starpulse a little before 8 p.m. Eastern Time (5 p.m. Pacific) tonight. Godspeed.

What would you ask Angelina Jolie if you could?


Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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