'Party Rock' Grandma's Dance Moves Are Totally Rad (VIDEO)

party rock grandmaNew Year's Eve could have been all sorts of embarrassing for me. My boyfriend, a few beers in, wanted to prove that he knows how to shuffle LMFAO-style, and when "Party Rock Anthem" came on -- as it is apt to do these days -- he proceeded to running man/go crazy all around unsuspecting club-goers. It was priceless, and I seriously DIED laughing. He's still worried he didn't "get it right," but I say he could really stand to take a tip from the High Priestess of Party Rocking ... I'm talking about the 90-year-old grandma who recently went viral by getting down with her bad self to the hit song.

OMG, if you haven't seen her yet -- heck, even if you have -- you are in for a real treat!


Check it out:

Now tell me this woman doesn't deserve the nearly ONE MILLION views she's wracked up so far!! Wow! She also got a shout-out from LMFAO themselves, and they've coined her the "Party Rock Grandma." Hee hee, I love it!

A little back story: The hip granny's grandson, Adam Forgie, shot the video of her and posted it online, helping her become the certifiable YouTube star that she now is. What's more, she has severe macular degeneration making her legally blind, moderately severe hearing loss (aka near-deafness), and a steel hip replacement ... But she's been getting her party on since the '20s and doesn't seem like she's going to stop anytime soon!!

She even made a follow-up video thanking her fans and saying she hopes we enjoy her "swagger." Then, she proved she also has "Moves Like Jagger." Bhahaha -- ahhh, so awesome! She reminds me of my own grandma who is going to be 92 this year and just loves Dancing with the Stars. Just goes to show you're never too old to enjoy pop culture -- or get funky to the biggest pop hits of the day.

How much do you love the Party Rock Grandma's moves?!


Image via adamforgie/YouTube

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