Amber Rose's 'Apology' to Kim Kardashian Is Just Another Stunt

kim kardashianLast week, Amber Rose tried to extend her 15 minutes of fame by jumping on the Kim Kardashian bandwagon. She decided that in the midst of the firestorm following Kim's divorce from Kris Humphries was the best time to discuss that Kim was the reason she and Kanye West broke up. Not years earlier when they actually broke up. And Amber got dirty. She even called Kim a homewrecker.

Well, now she's apologizing. Sort of apologizing. Actually, totally not apologizing. She's mainly just trying to convince the world that she's an evolved individual, who, despite totally being right, is willing to forgive Kim and Kanye.


Last night, Amber was out tooling around Los Angeles in a devil-horned hat, when, lucky for us, she ran into a TMZ photog. Here's what she told him: "I actually feel bad that I called [Kim] a homewrecker ... 'cause that was kind of mean. I forgive her ... and I forgive Kanye too ... it's not a big deal, you know?" She then continued, "I'm not a mean-spirited person ... I just acted on my emotions when I said it."

Riiiiight. This is the classic passive-aggressive apology. Amber's trying to make it seem like she's taking the high-road, forgiving Kim and Kanye, when really, she's still kind of talking crap -- she's still saying that they hooked up. I see through you, Amber. I know what you're doing. And don't think I'm not on to the fact that this whole thing, conveniently, coincides with your single dropping yesterday.

Amber needs to just zip it on the whole Kim and Kanye thing. Kim clearly doesn't care to get involved in this petty mess, as she hasn't indulged Amber and her accusations. And neither does Kanye. If what Amber is saying is true, and Kim and Kanye did hook up while they were together, well, that's not cool. But it seems like everyone else in this situation has moved on from it (hello, Kim was married). I think it's time Amber does, too. Or, at least, move on to a new celebrity to latch on to.

Do you think Amber's apology to Kim is genuine?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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