The One Thing Standing Between Kim Kardashian & True Love

Kim KardashianEver since we heard that Kim Kardashian appeared to be crying on ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush's shoulder pre- and post-split from Kris Humphries, there's been speculation that the two might be on their way to reconciling. The two were incredibly cute together and would still be if they were to give it another shot. But is reporting that Reggie has just about ZERO interest in getting back together with Kim. Ouch!

A chatty source dished, "Reggie is talking to Kim, but a reconciliation and/or love connection is not currently in the cards. They still have major differences that Reggie is unable to get over." Huh, interesting ... although there's been talk that those differences surrounded Kim's possible cheating on Reg with Kanye West, this "source" seemed to have something else in mind.


The real reason Reggie plans to stay far away is the Kardashian Media Machine, it seems. "He doesn't like being in the Kardashian umbrella where all his moves are controlled and manipulated," the source explained. Uh-huh! Definitely makes a lot of sense. What guy would want to have to deal with all of that?

And that raises a crucial question ... Is any guy -- at least one who is interested in Kim for genuine reasons -- going to want to be with her given how all-encompassing and controlling her career/family is? DOUBTFUL.

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Now, listen, I know we're on the subject of Kim here, but this totally applies to other women who are total workaholics or co-dependent with family members. Kim says she's still interested in finding true love. Okay, cool, good for her. But sometimes, you have to make tough decisions about what you're willing to compromise in the name of love

I used to think we women could have it all -- the fab career, the supportive family, the kids if we want them, the sweet digs, and of course, The Love of Our Lives. These days, I still believe that, but I've also realized sometimes you gotta do a little give and take. Make tweaks here and there to make it all fit and flow, you know? Maybe for some of us that means cutting back on the cellphone chats with our beloved (but overbearing) mothers. For others it means saying "no" to that extra project at work so we can have a little more downtime with our sweetie. For Kim, finding and keeping true love is probably going to mean backing away -- even a bit -- from playing the 24/7/365 Fame Game. Not sure if that's a sacrifice she's willing to make, but if she's serious about her next relationship, she's certainly got some prioritizing to do.

Do you agree that we all have to make compromises to find and keep love? What are some you've made?

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