Kim Kardashian’s Gift to Kate Middleton May Have Missed the Mark

kim kardashianAs you may have read, yesterday was Kate Middleton's dirty 30 birthday. And as you may have wondered, what does one get for the woman who has everything, including the (future) Queen of England's crown? If you're Kim Kardashian, you get her shoes! But not just any pair of shoes -- a pair of shoes you and the company you're affiliated with designed.

In honor of Duchess Catherine's birthday, Kim and Shoe Dazzle presented her -- and everyone else in the world -- with The Duchess, a black leather quilted platform pump that the actual Duchess wouldn't be caught dead in. Sweet gesture, though, Kim!


Now, to be clear, I don't think the shoe is actually intended for Kate -- like, I don't think Kim's people wrapped a pair up and sent it off to Kensington Palace. I think it's more of an homage to Catherine and her royal style -- oh, and a ploy to garner publicity and cash for the company. But still, doesn't explain why they're so not something she would ever wear.

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As Kim explains in the video below, she feels that the shoe's "classic quilting and graceful silhouette channels the Duchess’s classic style." I say it channels Payless. Not that anything is wrong with Payless! I have plenty of Payless shoes, pro-Payless folks! But, I don't think the Duchess does.

Either way, it was a nice, albeit self-promoting, gesture on Kim's behalf. And although I don't think Kate Middleton will ever be seen on the red carpet sporting these bad boys, I'm sure she appreciates it. That is, if she even knows about it at all.

Check out Kim Kardashian's birthday present to Kate Middleton:

Do you think Kate would wear these shoes? Do you think this is a genuine present from Kim, or a chance to self-promote?


Image via ShoeDazzleUK/YouTube

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