AnnaLynne McCord Topless Twitter Photo Was No Accident

Another day, another revealing photo of a celebrity "accidentally" posted to the Internet. The latest peek under a hot starlet's skivvies comes courtesy of 24-year-old AnnaLynne McCord, who you may know as Naomi Clark in the updated version of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Apparently McCord was goofing around on Twitter last week when she decided to tweet a photo of herself to a fan. I'm not sure if the intent was to show off the necklace she's wearing in the image or her carefully displayed collarbones or her meticulously-applied lipstick or what, but she managed to include a surprise bonus glimpse of her nipple. Oopsy! Tee hee! Total mistake!



See, I have this theory that all these celebrity whoops moments on Twitter aren't accidents or spur-of-the-moment snapshots at all. You know, like that infamous photo of Demi Moore's ass taken by Ashton Kutcher (along with the charming phrase, "Shh don't tell wifey")—I bet they took that image like 50 times before Moore green-lit the one that showed the perfect angle of each butt cheek. Or the photo taken by Dean McDermott which featured a hooter photobomb by his wife Tori Spelling. Or the fan-frenzy-stoking image of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith doing something interesting in the background of this photo.

I'm just saying. I know it's easy to fire off a photo into the Twitterverse without putting it through a rigorous quality check process, but come on.

As for McCord, she was clearly naked from the waist up while taking the photo, so I'm thinking that she pretty much got
the exact photo she was aiming for. She also tweeted it to the public at large, even though she addressed it to her fan ("This is for you @meganraee You rock! Xxx A.").

While McCord pulled the original post down and replaced it with a cropped version, she didn't seem too worried about the mishap, judging by this exchange with yet another (presumably slightly sweaty) fan:

What's the lesson from all this? Before today I had no idea who AnnaLynne McCord was, and now she's one of the top trending stories Google. Aspiring actresses, fire up your cameras—and whip out your body parts.

What's your call on McCord's Twitter nip slip? Total accident, or crazy like a fox?

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