'Hunger Games' Advance Ticket Sale Date Announced!

hunger gamesGet out those calendars now, Hunger Games fans! (Hey, it just occured to me that we need to come up with a nickname for the HG obsessed. You know, like Twilight fans are Twi-Hards? How about ... Hungry Hungry Hippos? Or maybe just H. Gamers? Okay, guess I need to give those some more thought.)

Anyway, get out those calendars now! Because -- and this is huge -- we now know the actual date when advance tickets for The Hunger Games are going on sale! And obviously you're going to want to take the day off from work or school or reschedule jury duty or whatever else you've gotta do to be completely free of obligations on ...



Yeah, you're welcome.

And hey, check out the super-clever reason they picked today to announce the date! Remember how I said there are 74 more days until The Hunger Games hits theatres?

The film takes place during the 74th Annual Hunger Games! (Of course.)

This is a pretty cool countdown so far, right? First the #HUNGERGAMES100 Poster Puzzle, now this ... who knows what the next 74 days have in store?

Will you buy advance tickets for The Hunger Games?

Image via Hunger Games Official

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