Lea Michele: 'Rachel Berry Will Be Back' for Season 4 of 'Glee'!

Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry on 'Glee'There's been a whole lot of speculation about what will happen to Rachel, Kurt, and Finn after their graduation at the end of this season on Glee. While part of me was hoping for a Rachel/ Kurt spinoff, I've got to admit that Lea Michele's big announcement last night has got me giddy. It's official: Rachel Berry will definitely be back on Glee next season. Hold your excitement though, because there's more. In a follow-up tweet, the actress gushed about creator Ryan Murphy's big plans:

"Ryan Murphy has some brilliant and ground breaking ideas for including us graduates in the show next season! It's going to be great!"

Oh shoot! Did you see what she said there? GRADUATES. Plural! That means that hopefully Kurt and Finn will be back too.

I won't get ahead of myself here. Although, I can think of a few creative ways to work Rachel into season 4, starting with a little romance:


1. Rachel is going to start dating Puck. Don't get me wrong, I love Finchel just as much as the best of 'em. However, a romance would definitely keep Rachel around Lima, Ohio. Knowing her past with Puck, I wouldn't put it past her. Could Puckleberry make a valiant return?

2. Shelby stays at McKinley and Rachel comes to visit. Rachel and her mom, substitute teacher Shelby Corcoran, haven't exactly formed an excellent relationship. Maybe going away to college will make her realize how much she wants a mother figure in her life, and she'll come home to rekindle that.

3. Rachel gets rejected from her top arts schools, and attends a local community college. Everyone knows that transferring into certain colleges can be a tad bit easier than getting accepted right off the bat. I could see Rachel taking classes at a local college, and helping out Mr. Schue with the New Directions in her spare time.

4. Rachel misses her two dads. Ahhhh, Rachel's two dads. For a long time, we've been waiting to meet these two handsome fellows. As admirable as her big Broadway dreams really are, I could totally see her missing the men who have given her so much while away at school, coming homeward for break, and refusing to go back.

5. Rachel replaces Mr. Schue, entirely. I don't want this. Trust me. I ADORE Matthew Morrison. However, as we all know Mr. Schue and Ms. Pillsbury are tying the knot. What if the two go on their honeymoon and never come back? Rachel may love the New Directions just enough to hold off college for a while, and encourage their continuing success. 

Do you have any guesses about Rachel's role in season 4?

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