Bethenny Frankel Calls It Quits on Her Reality Show -- Thank God!

bethenny frankelBethenny Frankel talked with reporters over the weekend about the status of her Bravo reality show, Bethenny Ever After, and explained that this season would be its last. To which I say: Thank god. It's not that we don't love watching her show, it's certainly a guilty pleasure. Bryn is too cute for words and Bethenny's one-liners and Jason Hoppy's eye roles make us laugh. But her show came under fire this summer after that whole fake lost-at-sea story and I think she's right to stop with the charades and throw in the towel after this possibly ill-fated third season airs.

Bravo says nothing's been finalized yet, but I think Bethenny would be making the right decision if she called it quits on her show. No need to beat a dead horse.


Bethenny told the press that she, understandably, doesn't want Bryn growing up on TV and that if she stopped doing the show, she could focus more on her Skinnygirl empire. I guess that means that besides the cleanses, the diet plans, the booze, and the odd lounge gear, there will be even more Skinnygirl products on the market in 2012. I don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing, but I guess we'll find out.

It will be somewhat sad to see her series come to an end but it's not like we won't be seeing Bethenny ever again. She seems to be Bravo's darling so I'm sure she'll pop up now and again on the network. I'm sure she'll swing by the Bravo clubhouse to be a guest on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live -- I hope she becomes a regular on that show and rips into the new Housewives like only Bethenny can.

Anyway, good for her for realizing when something has run its course. Stepping away from the camera can't be easy for her, but I think she's making the right decision for her career and her family. After all, the writers must be running out of  ideas for Bethenny's "reality show." There's only so many times one can argue about over-packing, the in-laws, and oceanic navigation, right?

Do you think Bethenny should make a fourth season of Bethenny Ever After, or quit after this upcoming third season?


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