Kate Middleton Is Finally Brave Enough to Take a Fashion Risk

kate middletonIt's Kate Middleton's 30th birthday today -- yay for fairy princesses! Since very few of us are going to get to acknowledge this momentous occasion with Duchess Catherine in the flesh, I figure, what better way to celebrate than by looking at a photo of her in the gorgeous Alice Temperley gown she wore to the War Horse premiere? Let's all take a moment, shall we?

Okay. That was good, wasn't it? I'm seriously loving the not-so-stuffy twist on a fancy gown. The black lace, the sheer sleeves -- perfection. Looks like our girl Kate is getting more daring with her fashion choices, and comfortable taking some risks. Finally!


It's not like her style has done a 180 or anything, it just seems like she's getting more used to her role in the royal family. When Kate first became Duchess Catherine, let's be honest, she was mostly seen in very plain, solid-colored dresses that, while perfectly-tailored and beautiful, erred on the side of caution. This Alice Temperley gown -- and the black velvet gown she wore a few weeks ago -- show a different side of Kate, I think. She doesn't seem 100% ready to take some crazy fashion plunge (which she shouldn't), but she seems like she's ready to stop playing it so safe. And that's thrilling for Internet onlookers like us.

Right now, there are few people more exciting to watch, fashion-wise, than Kate Middleton. We're literally seeing a girl transform into a princess (and eventually a queen) before our very eyes. And when she steps out in something a little more daring than she's previously done, a little less plain than usual -- well, that's just the kind of thing we've been waiting for.

Do you like Kate's Alice Temperley gown?


Image via Dave Hogan/Getty

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