Katy Perry Shows Her Wacky Parents Did One Thing Right

Katy PerryI have always liked Katy Perry, but after this week, I have a newfound respect for the Last Friday Night singer. Her very public marriage to Russell Brand is now headed for a very public divorce. And her cuckoo ca-choo parents have taken advantage of the media attention to let the world know how much they hate Jews and love God for making their kid's marriage implode so more people would show up at their revivals. All that, and this girl still knows how to tell her parents to go to hell while sounding like sugar doesn't melt in her mouth!

Katy took to Twitter for the first time since divorce rumors began swirling late last year to first thank her fans for their love and support. It was pretty standard fare for a star. But her words for her evangelical preacher parents, Mary and Keith Hudson, were anything but.


Concerning the gossip, I want to be clear that NO ONE speaks for me. Not a blog, magazine, "close sources" or my family.

Now isn't that a classy way of saying, "Hey, Mom? Dad? Shut the f--k up, and let me grieve my marriage in peace!"? I don't know if I'd have the good grace to keep it so calm and clean.

Especially after Mary Hudson had the audacity to tell people at her revival that "I'm sure that Katy's trending on the Internet was to get you here to church tonight." About her daughter's LOVE LIFE falling apart. And let's not forget Keith's swipe at the people who pay his daughter's salary when he accused concertgoers of "worshiping and loving the wrong person" by daring to like hearing his kid sing instead of grooving to some Christian singer.

Katy's repressed upbringing has been subject of countless bios on the singer, each of which paint Keith and Mary as the parents from hell (all because they were so concerned about their kid from ending up there). But they seem to have done one thing right: they raised a daughter who is more of an adult then they are. She could have gone off on a rant, and just about every fan out there (me included) would be behind her. Instead, she very gently told her parents to can it.

Katy has refused to go down the road of the likes of Lindsay Lohan and her well-known public feud with dad Michael or Tori Spelling and her very public fights with mom Candy. And it's worked -- sort of.

During church services at the New Hope International in Fort Valley, Georgia this morning, Keith didn't use her name. But he couldn't bear to actually pass up the chance to remind folks that the media just loooves to talk to him. We'll classify this one under small victories.

Do you respect Katy all the more for remaining a class act even while the people who were supposed to be there for her are trying to bring her down? Did the Hudsons raise their daughter right?


Image via LunchboxLP/Flickr

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