Teen Star Selena Gomez Should Embrace Her Unemployment

Selena GomezWell, that's it. The last episode of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place aired Friday night, marking the end of the hit show that helped propel its star, Selena Gomez to title of teen queen. So what's she going to do now? Word has it Justin Bieber's girlfriend is taking a break. And I can't be more relieved.

No offense to all you Gomez devotees out there. I'm a fan. As mother of a 6-year-old girl who grooved to Gomez's summer hit "Who Says" in her last dance retical, I've really got no choice in the matter. But that's just it. I'm a mother.


And in Gomez I see a teenage girl who has navigated the rough waters of being a child star pretty darn well. It doesn't get much better than it has for the Wizards star, really. Think about it.

Pregnancy rumors have all proved to be bullpucky. Her boyfriend's ultimate rebellion is getting a second tattoo of Jesus Christ on his leg. She was crowned family wizard in the season finale of her show (hey, who wouldn't want one of those wands?). And she's the rare 19-year-old that us mothers of pre-pre-teens are comfy with our kids wearing on their chests (literally, the kiddo has a We Own the Night tour shirt on as I type this).

She's almost there! We've got, what, six months until she turns 20? Can't we let this kid enjoy the rest of her teen years?

If we adults could let it happen, maybe we could send the same message to our own kids? They want to grow up so darn fast. But I am getting to be one of those old fuddy duddies who can't help imploring kids to savor the moments and just enjoy the ride. Speaking as an adult who recalls the rush to get out of them an into the twenties just so people would finally accept that I was an adult, I can honestly all the fuss is over nothing.

From here on out, it's all fixing a flooded sink on a Sunday morning because you just HAD to go and buy a house, and sweeping Christmas tree needles out of the house because your kids couldn't bear to part with that thing until after New Year's. Adulthood is totally overrated. If only we could convince the kids.

Good news is she won't be too grown up too fast. Her next movie, Spring Breakers with James Franco, comes out in 2013. And she plays a college student. Talk about the ultimate overgrown kid.

Will you miss Selena on Wizards of Waverly Place?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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