Russell Brand & Katy Perry Don't Need People's Choice Awards to Be Their Referee

russell brand katy perry
Russell Brand & Katy Perry in happier times.
Russell Brand and Katy Perry are going through a pretty hard time right now, given the icky aftermath of their divorce. I'm sure neither is a happy camper right now, but it sounds like Russell has even more reason to be P.O.'ed today. Apparently, the comedian has been uninvited from the People's Choice Awards planned for Sunday. A source told the U.K.'s The Mirror that, "It was always going to be awkward for organizers in any case after [Katy and Russell's] shock decision to split. But in order to avoid any awkwardness or confrontation Russ is no longer on the list." And I guess they gave him the boot over Katy, because she's up for seven awards, including Favorite Female Artist.

Seriously? What is this -- fifth grade?! Better put Russell in the time-out corner and not let him participate in the fun and games, because he and Katy, like, totally broke up on the playground at recess.


While it's true that both Katy and Russell have reps for being something of a spitfire, we don't even know for sure what the tone is like between these two. It might not be all out war. For all anyone knows, they might just be sad, disappointed, heartbroken. That's how they've been looking to me, at least.

The People's Choice Awards organizers have to be underestimating these two, because they're both probably perfectly professional adults -- especially in an awards show context. Even if that's not the case ... how many celeb couples split and, soon thereafter, find themselves walking the red carpet at the same time? Given that they usually have hundreds of handlers between them, somehow they figure out how to avoid one another, and the whole thing blows over without a hitch. Piece of cake!

Okay, say there was some kind of confrontation or nasty exchange between the exes ... It would be amazing publicity for the show! Drrrr. Clearly, this nitwit, unprofessional decision by the People's Choice Awards is a lose-lose. Poor Russell. Ah well, I actually think he's above their schlocky show anyway.

Do you think it was a wise or necessary move for the People's Choice Awards to uninvite Russell Brand?


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