The REAL Van Halen Tours Again! (VIDEO)

van halenRemember Van Halen? No, not that band with Sammy Hagar -- the real Van Halen, fronted by the one and only David Lee Roth. Remember those guys? Well, they're back!

Van Halen has reunited (once more, with feeling) for a 2012 tour that's bound to sell out fast (tickets go on sale January 10, hint, hint). That's right, David Lee Roth is back, baby! Now we can pretend those horrible Hagar years never even happened! (Please don't even mention the Gary Cherone thing.)

How awesome is it that Van Halen is touring with its original line-up ... wait, what? Hang on a sec ... oh. Okay, it's not exactly the original line-up ...


Apparently founding bassist Michael Anthony has been replaced ... by Eddie Van Halen's 20-year-old son, Wolfgang.

Who is, to be fair, supposed to be a fairly amazing bassist (duh, talk about a genetic no-brainer), but I still feel kind of bad for Anthony. (The reasons why he was replaced weren't clear at press time.)

Of course, the presence of David Lee Roth more than makes up for the absence of Michael Anthony. I love the way Roth kicked off a recent date at a small NYC club (mostly for press/industry types): "Welcome to Occupy Van Halen!"

Can't wait for Diamond Dave and the gang to make it to your town? Check out the trailer for the tour:

Will you get tickets for Van Halen's 2012 tour?


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