Bravo Should Thank Brandi Glanville, Not Punish Her

brandi glanvilleBrandi Glanville is very talented at pissing people off. The tall blonde with the impossible body hasn't exactly charmed her fellow cast mates on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now rumors are swirling that she's ticked off Bravo, as well. Perez Hilton reports that her quickie, drunken Vegas wedding over the holidays didn't sit well with the network. Apparently, they think the Beverly Hills cast is, ahem, classy, and they don't like what Brandi's doing for the series' image. If you want to believe all the gossip, it's been said that Bravo might ban Brandi from the reunion special as punishment for her uncouth behavior.

If you ask me, Bravo should be showering Brandi with gifts, not parental judgements. Without her on the show, all we'd have is a bunch of sorry sacks who don't know what's real from what's fake.


Brandi was the only one that called Kim out on her apparent substance abuse issues, and I genuinely felt a sense of relief when she did so. It made me feel less crazy. Like, thank you, Brandi, for pointing out the obvious that everyone else was so willing to ignore.

She also brought out the worst in Kim and Kyle, which is not necessarily admirable, but it was interesting to see what kind of mean girl anger lives just below the surface in the sisters Richards. Yikes. Without Brandi, we wouldn't have gotten the full, somewhat ugly picture of the Richards women. That's worth something.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Brandi is above reproach here in the least, I'm just saying that Bravo needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves. Network execs need to realize that no one actually thinks any of the housewives from Beverly Hills are classy. Are you kidding me? I've seen a bunch of hungry pre-schoolers behave better. Brandi's no more and no less classy than Kim, Kyle, Taylor, Camille, or that hard-to-stomach woman, Dana. Come on now. She's not ruining any image whatsoever.

The reunion special is set to tape in a month or so, and if Bravo knows what's good for them, Brandi will be there, nipples and all.

Do you think Bravo should be embarrassed by Brandi's behavior?

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