Jenelle Evans' Kiss With a Girl Is the Least of Her Problems

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans takes a lot of hits. Most of them are for good reason, too. She hasn't exactly been the best mom or daughter or person during the filming of the show. That said, she has a good heart and she is young. Not everything she does is wrong, so a picture of her kissing a girl -- apparently her roommate, Victoria -- that recently surfaced is really no big deal in the scheme of things.

So why is everyone acting like it is?

Jenelle shouldn't be partying, it's true. She should be home working on the relationship with her son and finishing up school and doing the things that would get her on the right track. But she is only 20. There is going to be some partying and besides, according to her, she has moved on from those photos. She tweeted on January 5:


Yes i learned my lesson all those pics and videos r from two months ago. I never went back.

Those photos were released by her former boss, a man named James Duffy who is in his 40s. Jenelle claims he was trying to sleep with her. And honestly, I believe her. Jenelle is the kind of young girl that older men might try to prey on. She is very pretty and very innocent in some ways, but thinks she is very worldly.

In fact, we should feel bad for Jenelle. Yes, she made many (MANY) bad choices, but 20 is really very young. If she didn't have a child, we would have much lower expectations of her. Obviously, she is putting her life out publicly for us to comment on, so when we watch the show, of course we will be judgemental.

She isn't the best mom and certainly not the best daughter. But this older man wasn't trying to help her become a better person or help her child develop. He was likely trying to sleep with her and then took advantage of her fame by releasing photos he knew would go viral.

There is nothing weird about a 20-year-old partying and experimenting. Yes, she should be focusing on other things, but in the scheme of Jenelle's problems, this is really the least of them.

If Jenelle is telling the truth, this guy sounds like the real dirt bag here.

Do you think this is a big deal?

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