'Twilight: The Musical': Edward & Bella Sing & Shirtless Jacob Busts a Move! (VIDEO)

twilight the musicalGet ready, Twi-Hards, because this is going to be the best news you've heard all week. Twilight: The Musical is finally happening, really for real! Woo-hoo! About time. The world has simply waited far too long to see singing, dancing vampires. And werewolves! (Skeptical? Yeah, like anybody thought Cats was gonna be a hit.)

At last the epic tale of Edward and Bella's forbidden love will be set to music. And not just soundtrack-appropriate pop music that you'd actually want on your iPod anyway -- I'm talking overwrought ballads and big, belted-out showstoppers. You know, the kind of glitzy, emotionally manipulative tunes you only listen to in secret (wearing fuzzy slippers, eating chocolate ice cream, and sobbing your way through a box of tissues).

Told you this was going to be the best news you've heard all week! But don't make a break for the neon lights of Broadway just yet ...


As of now, Twilight: The Musical is being produced Off-Broadway as a one-night-only staged reading to benefit the charity Blessings in a Backpack (on January 16, to be precise). Still, I'm sure it's only a matter of (hopefully not very much) time before the show takes its rightful spot on the Great White Way.

With songs like "Life Sucks When Your Boyfriend's a Vampire" and "I Imprinted on an Infant," is there any question of Twilight Tony Awards sweep some time in the near-ish future?

Personally, I'd love it if this musical turned into a camp classic à la The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I would totally dress up for a midnight screening/sing-along, wouldn't you?

Here's a clip to tide you over until opening night:

Would you go to see Twilight: The Musical?

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