Kim Richards' Time in Rehab Is Helping Sister Kyle, Too

kyle richardsSounds like Kyle Richards might be benefiting from sister Kim's rehab stint, as well. Kyle, who, let's face it, has been a big bitch this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, seems to be showing her softer, more caring side as Kim goes through this trying period in her life. Kyle recently told the Huffington Post that she's "really proud" of Kim's progress and says that they're "in a much better place right now."

It's nice to see Kyle's nurturing side. We knew she had it in her, but after this season's tirades, her finger pointing, finger wagging, and catty comments, I don't think anyone was sure of what to make of the raven-haired Richards.


Kim's time in rehab is not only helping her work through her addiction issues, whatever they may be, but it's helping her and Kyle become better sisters and, more importantly, better support systems for one another.

As much as we've seen them go at it (remember that limo scene where Kyle laid into Kim?), I think it's apparent that they love each other and only want the best from their relationship. I see what Kyle means when she says she sometimes feels like a mother to Kim (seriously, Kim cannot make any flight on time whatsoever) but hopefully Kim's rehabilitation will reinstate their balance of power.

If Kim emerges a healthier and happier person, it will be interesting to see how she and Kyle communicate and relate next season, if they both decide to come back. Kim has been a source of a lot of drama in season two, but it's been more pitiful than it has been juicy or fun to watch.

Good luck to Kim and kudos to Kyle -- sounds like they're both growing from this experience.

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