Amber Portwood Shouldn't Be Facing Homelessness

Amber PortwoodThey say money can't buy happiness, and in the case of MTV's Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, it can't buy you a place to live either. The reality star is sitting in jail on a probation violation, but an eviction notice from the landlord at her Indiana rental alleges the mother of little Leah violated her lease agreement before her jail term started last month. If she doesn't show up to court on January 25, she'll officially be homeless.

For a girl who told a judge one year ago that she was raking in a $280,000 salary from MTV, it's just about as low as it can get. And if the allegations are true, they're yet another sign that Amber's not ready to be a real parent to her daughter.


I've never been evicted, but I spent enough time back in my reporter days dealing with landlord/tenant fights that were brought to the newspaper to know it's pretty hard to evict someone. It usually takes more than putting a nail in the wrong wall to violate a lease agreement because tenant rights are pretty well delineated under the law.

It's looking like Amber just didn't make following the rules and keeping her housing a priority. And that's one mistake a parent can't afford to make. It doesn't matter what background you come from. I think we can all agree that parents have an obligation to their kids to provide the basics: food, clothing, and shelter. If she's done something to get herself kicked out of her apartment, she's failing on number three.

Fortunately the courts already gave Portwood's ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, full custody of the little girl. He's currently legally responsible to provide all three of those basics. But what happens when Amber gets out of jail? She has been saying she retains some kind of joint custody with Gary, and ostensibly that means she will have to provide a place for Leah to sleep when she has visitation.

Does this read like another case of Amber Portwood being a bad parent?

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