Kim Kardashian Becomes Important Political Symbol (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianThere are few, if any, issues that politicians from all sides can rally behind together in unison. But leave it to Kim Kardashian to break through bipartisan barriers and unify both Republicans and Democrats in a common cause. (Cue the patriotic music.)

Of course, they're unified in bashing her -- and for very different reasons -- but still she has done what few have done before in providing a common cause for politicians to rally against. New York Magazine calls her a "symbol of bipartisanship," as now not only are Republicans bashing her for making a mockery of marriage, but liberals are using her as the poster child for increasing taxes on the wealthiest of Americans


This latest campaign has been launched in California by the Courage Campaign. In an online video, they show Kim in all sorts of fancy clothes looking fabulous, with a clip of her saying, “Being on TV has changed my life, because you get lots of free stuff.”

Then it talks about how much she makes ($12 million in 2010) compared to what middle-class Californians makes ($47,000) and shows that she only pays 10.3 percent in taxes while others pay 9.3. "Don't you think she could pay a little more?" Here, watch for yourself?

It's a low blow as far as I'm concerned. Kim is paying what she's supposed to -- what's currently required by law. She's worked hard for her money doing whatever it is she does, and this is just bashing her. Raising taxes for the wealthiest Americans is a serious debate that needs to happen, but why drag Kim into it and in such a mocking and mean way?

Because she brings publicity, of course. But them using her for their cause is kind of hypocritical when they're bashing her for using the media to get what she wants. Then they say, "Tell Kim Kardashian to endorse the Millionaire's Tax of 2012." Might have helped if they'd started by asking a little nicer.

And is it a little disconcerting to anyone else that our politicians are spending so much energy on the Kardashians' goings on when there are much bigger problems in this country?

Do you think this advertisement is a low blow to Kim Kardashian?

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