'RHONJ' Season 4: Who’s Leaving & Who’s Staying?

teresa giudiceAll the Real Housewives series owe it to their loyal fans to switch up their casts every few seasons -- it keeps things fresh, keeps 'em less boring. (Could you imagine another season of New York with those same ladies? Hell on earth that I would begrudgingly watch.)

Thankfully, right now, The Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise is doing just that. They're rearranging, keeping, cutting, pasting. We've all heard rumors of Jacqueline Laurita quitting the show, and, as of now, it looks like that's true (or was she kicked off?). But who else might not come back? And, more importantly, which ladies are staying?


Bravo word on the street is another member who may not be coming back is Caroline Manzo. Now I like Caroline and all, she's the reasonable one of the bunch, blah, blah, blah, but, honestly, I think we've exhausted all our options with her. She doesn't like drama, and she's always talking about how she doesn't like drama. It's like, then why are you on the most drama-filled reality show on TV? And her radio show storyline this year? Yawn Enterprises.

And then there's the one person who's definitely set to come back, according to a Reality Weekly report: Teresa Giudice, who P.S., is also doing Celebrity Apprentice. Nooooooo.

Dude, I get that she's the backbone of all the drama on RHONJ, but I seriously can't anymore with her. Or her heathen husband, Joe. She's a one-trick pony -- and more of an annoying one than an entertaining one at that. The first season, I thought her antics were amusing. Now I just think they're insane. I get that she's good TV, but I personally don't enjoy watching and supporting someone who is completely out of touch with reality and doesn't think a single other person in the world deserves anything good aside from herself.

But, alas, I'm not an executive at Bravo. I'm a blogger. Hi. And I sadly know that no matter who is cast on the next season of the show, I'll be on my couch, watching.

Who do you think should be kicked off of RHONJ? Do you like Teresa?


Image via Bravo

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