Khloe Kardashian Gets 'Punk'd' & Proves She's the Coolest Kardashian (VIDEO)

khloe kardashian on phone with 911 punk'dHooray -- MTV is bringing back "classic" programming! Unfortunately, I'm not talking about actual music videos ... But fans of Punk'd will be pleased, because the Ashton Kutcher celeb prankster show is coming back in March!! This time around, though, Kutcher isn't doing the hosting -- just the executive producing. Different stars will take the reins on hosting and punking their buds. And, judging from the new trailer that's hit the web, Miley Cyrus hosted one of the first rounds, and she and friend Kelly Osbourne 'punk'd' Khloe Kardashian.

The premise: The three ladies were gonna have a girls' night, but when the food delivery guy showed up, he uses the bathroom and ends up getting his err ... package ... stuck in his pants zipper. Khloe, who had no idea it was a totally faux alarm, tries to call 911. The whole ordeal was both cringe-worthy and hilarious.


Check it out ...

Oh man, I want to feel bad for the guy, but thank goodness we know it wasn't real. Khloe on the other hand ... no clue! This preview definitely worked on me, as I'm now itching to see what her reaction was like when she found out she was punk'd.

Poor Khloe -- maybe she was actually a little embarrassed by the incident, because Kim tweeted of the trailer, "I can't believe @KhloeKardashian never told anyone in the fam she got Punk'd!!!!" There's nothing for her to be ashamed of, though! She actually proved to be super composed, as calm as you could be in a situation like that, mature, and ... well, normal! No shrieking, no obvious freaking out. Yeah, her eyes got real wide and she was obviously concerned, but it was almost as if she took on the role of mama bear with Miley, Kelly, and the delivery guy.

Doesn't seem like the melodramatic Kardashian M.O. at all! Are we sure she's really Kris Jenner's offspring and Kim's sister? I kid, I kid! But it is refreshing to see a Kardashian sis being real and down-to-earth ... even if it's only while they're being taken for a ride by MTV.

Will you watch the new season of Punk'd? Do you think Khloe's the most grounded Kardashian sis?


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