5 'Glee' Marriage Proposal Ideas for Everyone's Fave Couple

Will Schuester and Emma PillsburyThe time for Glee's "Yes/No" episode is almost here, and I am pumped. Sure, I'm excited to see NeNe Leakes make her big Glee debut at McKinley High on January 17, and I can't say I hate the idea of seeing Sam strip down for some synchronized swimming. However, I'm the absolute MOST excited for the big proposal.

Yes, the proposal. It's official: Will is PROPOSING to Emma. You can't even be mad at me for telling you that, it's all over the commercials. I'd actually be surprised if you had no idea!

Of course, now that we know it's going to happen, I have a few ideas of how Mr. Schue is going to pop the question. The first of which involves a few kids with some super talented voices.


1. With the help of the New Directions: I love Glee just like the best of 'em, but even I can admit that it's super corny at times. What better way for a man who teaches a glee club to propose to his love than with an arrangement from his students? Rumor has it that the kids will be singing Rihanna's "We Found Love" on the 17 (!!!). Perhaps that could be the big moment!

2. With a whole lot of candles: We all know that Ms. Pillsbury has some issues with her OCD. I would love to watch Will light candles around their entire home, Emma walk in, freak out that the living room is going to catch on fire, and see the whole thing go hilariously wrong. Of course, that's only if afterward he still gets to pop the question anyway.

3. By writing it on the blackboard: The commercial shows Will sitting in the glee club practice room with the words "Marry me?" on a chalkboard. I'm not sure if he's that simple of a guy, though.

4. With the help of her parents: Things weren't always peachy between Will and Emma's parents. Now that things are pretty smoothed over, I could see him trying to get them involved.

5. In the middle of the quad: Some of the show's best musical numbers have happened in the quad at McKinley. I could see Will doing his own massive solo song and dance number where he asks Emma to marry him. I'd melt if he sang "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel or "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" by Elvis.

How do you think Will is going to propose to Emma?


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