New Year's Resolutions Kim Kardashian Should Make Right Now

kim kardashian at tao new year's eveIf we can all agree with one broad, sweeping statement about Kim Kardashian, it might be that 2011 was her biggest year yet. Not best, necessarily, but definitely biggest. Just about every American now knows how the story went over the past 12 months: Kim met, got engaged to, married, and divorced Kris Humphries, put out a new fashion line at Sears with her sisters, starred in multiple reality TV shows, appeared on a plethora of talk shows, and generally became of the most intriguing people of the year.

But none of this means Kim shouldn't want to make some changes in the coming year. She's said her New Year's resolution is that she's "looking forward to moving forward ... and never looking back." Hrmm ... not sure if that's really quite the best idea. Here, a few alternate resolutions Kim should make going into 2012:

  1. Find a real passion. - She probably just shrugged it off when Barbara Walters accused her and the rest of the K crew of not having a particular "talent," but I'm sure that assertion bugs Kim on some level. Maybe 2012 could be the year she does some soul searching to find what she really LOVES (and I'm not talking about another boyfriend or even a Reggie Bush redux). After all, they say if you do what you love, you'll succeed, and I believe that would definitely be true for Kim.
  2. Get some space from Kris. - As in, her mother, not her ex. Sure, Kris Jenner is a mad genius who probably made Kim into everything she is today, for better or for worse. But at 31 years old, I'm sure she'd do well to break out on her own a bit.
  3. Go for a more natural look. - We know she loves to embrace glamour and fancies herself a neo-Liz Taylor, but Kim might just be a bit more relatable if she lost the heavy makeup, super-done hair, tan, etc. She might also be happier taking all of that down a notch and striving for comfort in her own skin.
  4. Travel more. - Kim's heart belongs to L.A. and NYC, sometimes Miami and occasionally Vegas. But it couldn't hurt to get out of her comfort zones and see more of the world. Maybe she'd find surprising bliss if she traveled to London, India, a western ranch in Utah, Whistler for skiing! The time away from the paparazzi-packed hot spots might offer her the chance to get some much-needed peace of mind and a fresh perspective. 
  5. Give back. - Sure, she went to Haiti recently, but it might be wise and fulfilling to start offering her star power up more often to causes close to her heart. I'm sure there are opportunities galore -- like Mac could have her design a lipstick that raises money for AIDS research or she, Kourtney, and Khloe could start an awareness campaign about international child labor.

I'm sure we may never really know what Kim's real resolutions are -- or if she even made any official ones -- but as the year plays out, we'll definitely catch wind of any big changes the reality mogul ends up making. Can't wait to see what happens!

What do you think Kim's resolutions should be?


Image via STARPICZ/Splash News

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