Kim Kardashian's New Year's Resolution Is Dangerous

Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner New Year's EveOn New Year's Eve, while ringing in the new year alongside her mom, Kris Jenner, at Tao Las Vegas, Kim Kardashian not only rocked some hot new 2012 bangs, but she talked about how she plans to move on in the new year. If anyone probably has a long list of New Year's resolutions after a tumultuous 2011, it's Kim Kardashian. Right? I mean, her 2011 was pretty epic as far as bad years go.

However, upon hearing Kim's New Year's resolution of sorts, which she shared that night, the worry definitely kicked in. Is Kim destined to repeat the same mistakes in 2012?


On Saturday night, Kim shared this New Year's resolution: "I'm looking forward to moving forward ... and never looking back."

I love me some Kim Kardashian, but I have to tell you that this type of resolution or attitude about moving forward is pretty dangerous, no? I mean, in 2011, Kim got engaged and then married to Kris Humphries in probably the highest profile wedding of 2011 -- and anyone who's seen a single episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York can tell what a big mistake the marriage was. Then, as we all know, this "oversight" on Kim's part ended up in one of 2011's ugliest celebrity divorces too. Kim has openly admitted that she got swept up in the wedding hoopla, which got her married to the wrong guy, but is that enough?

Now, we all make mistakes. We're human. It happens. However, if we don't address those mistakes and take a look at all the reasons we made them, then aren't we just bound to make them again. If life has taught me anything, it's that I will continue to do the same wrong things over and over until I really stop, figure out why, and finally learn to do the right thing for myself.

Maybe Kim's comment was meant to be positive and bright and really doesn't mean she isn't taking a long look at her part in the mess that was Kim Kardashian's 2011. At least, I hope so.

Do you think Kim Kardashian's resolution to never look back is a dangerous one for her?


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