'Glee' Cast's Take on 'Grease' Will Give You Chills (LISTEN)

Mercedes and Sam In terms of amazing musicals, I think Grease may be on the top of my favorites list. So I couldn't be more stoked that the kids on Glee are taking on one of the classic's best songs, "Summer Nights," on the January 17 episode entitled "Yes/No."

So the big question: who's taking on the power ballad? If you guessed Trouty Mouth, you're right! Sam will be playing the Danny Zuko to Mercedes' Sandy for the duet. Cue ridiculous amount of excitement and speculation ... NOW! 

Just wait, though, it gets better. A short sneak peek has leaked onto the web, and we have it for you right here.

Let me tell you: I've got chills ... they're multiplying.

Listen for yourself:


Sure it's a small clip, but it literally gave me goosebumps. How dreamy does Sam sound? I envision him wearing a leather jacket and his blonde hair swept back surrounded by the rest of the New Directions men, and my heart skips a beat!

Although there's no news as to if other songs from the musical will be making it into "Yes/No," I hope so! How amazing would it be to see Lea Michele and Cory Monteith sing "We Go Together"? And man Santana would look killer in a Pink Ladies jacket.

There are SO many plot twists we can come up with because of the upcoming duet. We all know that Mercedes is shacked up with her footballer beau Marcus. Maybe "Summer Nights" could mean there's trouble in their relationship and Sam is finally trying to win Mercedes back? Part of me hopes so. That, or what if Marcus has to pull a Sam and take off himself, leaving Mercedes and Trouty Mouth to finish what they over the summer? Either way, there's no doubt in my mind that "Summer Nights" will be on next year's list of Glee covers that rock.

Are you excited to see Sam and Mercedes to sing "Summer Nights"?


Image via FOX

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