Whoops! 'RHOBH' Star Kim Richards Is Back in Rehab

kim richardsAll right. Now I'm all sorts of confused. Yesterday we heard that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards was out of rehab and staying with sister Kyle. Today, we find out that Kim tried to leave rehab, but didn't, and that she isn't staying with Kyle, she was visited by Kyle, her daughter Kimberly, and three nieces in the still unnamed inpatient treatment center. That Richards family, I tell ya. They're a squirrely bunch that keeps us guessing. One minute Kim is making a the first smart choice of her sobriety, the next she's still in rehab trying to work on her undisclosed dependency issues. What is going on?


I guess we may never know ... until Kim talks about it next season in her one-on-one interviews while wearing a high-neck blouse and blinking one eye at a time. But for now, I suppose all we can really do is hope that Kim gets the love and support she needs, and if she needs to stay in rehab for six months, then so be it. She shouldn't be in a rush -- she should take her time to get healthy.

On the other hand, who's planting these stories in the press? Is it Kyle? Or Lisa? I wouldn't think that Kim's stint in a treatment facility would garner so much press, let alone drama, so I'm starting to believe that someone's talking. I guess all press is good press if you're a Housewife.

Good luck to Kim. May she stay in rehab as long as she wants. And may the conflicting reports about her whereabouts keep us entertained for seconds, if not minutes.

What do you think of the Kim Richards drama?


Photo via bravotv.com

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