'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' Gets Mixed Reviews for Its Depiction of 9/11

Extremely Loud and Incredibly CloseIn 2010, Thomas Horn got the most surprising phone call of his life. After competing and winning $31,800 on the "Kid's Week" edition of Jeopardy!, the 14-year-old was asked if he'd audition for a part in the on-screen adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's hit novel turned movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Joining veterans Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks, Horn makes his acting debut in the new film, which opens in limited release across the country today.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close follows Horn's character Oskar on a journey through the five boroughs of New York City to find a message that his father (Hanks) left for him before dying in the 9/11 attacks. The events of that fateful day back in 2001 shook the entire nation. Will the movie be able to convey the emotions of millions?

See what the critics have to say in their Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close reviews here:


There were some that enjoyed it:

Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times:

There are certainly big, capital-letter themes explored here: Death. Sorrow. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. But through the boy, Daldry brings it all down to a human level. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close won't be the last cinematic word on 9/11, but it proves to be an eloquent one.

Mary Pols, Time Magazine:

Horn breaks through the movie’s manipulative scrim simply with the sheer force of his emotions ... The director must have had a hunch that in this boy’s hands, everything would be illuminated.

And some that weren't feeling it at all: 

Manohla Dargis, The New York Times:

Yes, you may cry, but when tears are milked as they are here, the truer response should be rage.

David Germain, Boston Globe:

A cloying exercise in sentimentality, the film also winds up extremely annoying, even infuriating ... As everyone works through their pain, it all sounds so sweet and life-affirming. Yet it feels so extremely soppy and incredibly phony.

Plain and simple: Daldry's film tackles an event that forever changed the lives of so many. It was bound to strike a nerve with critics and viewers alike. Nevertheless, I think it's safe to say that it's a must-see. Watch the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close trailer, here:

Are you planning on seeing Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?


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