Robert Pattinson's $12K Gift From Kristen Stewart Totally Rocks (VIDEO)

robert pattinson playing guitar
Rob performs at a 'Songs From a Room' event
Robert Pattinson
should be quite the happy camper right about now. Not only did E! just name him the Celeb of the Year, but he's got (or is about to get) an awesome Christmas gift from girlfriend Kristen Stewart. According to Us Weekly, the actress shelled out $12K for a couple of fancy vintage guitars for her man. So that makes RPattz the proud owner of a 1959 Fender Jazzmaster and a 1947 K&F Lap Steel. Whoa, baby! 

But it turns out that the gift is actually as practical as it is amazing. Us says Rob plans to record an album. Hello, vampire rock star!!


Although as recently as October, all Rob had to say on the matter was, "Maybe one day ...", this Christmas gift is a BIG CLUE that we shouldn't be at all surprised if he's in the recording studio come 2012. And how awesome would that be?

Sure, some actors have a lot of trouble transitioning from movie screen to concert stage, but I'm sure Rob would break the mold. Not to mention that the man who sold K-Stew the guitars says she was "strumming a guitar herself during the shopping session," and we know she knows a thing or two about rock 'n' roll having played Joan Jett. So, it's possible the two could be collaborators in Rob's new music career!

Oh, and he'll obviously write love songs about Kristen, maybe even make funny allusions to Twilight in his lyrics, give a hint of that English accent when singing, get the chance to pull off some fun new hair 'dos in concert -- and definitely wear some sexy new clothes. I could totally see his songs getting awesome airplay and who knows, maybe even covered on Glee. Sheesh, he and Kristen would possibly even guest star on Glee!

Okay, okay, I'm probably getting a bit ahead of myself here, but it is pretty exciting to hear the guy's even a smidge closer to going from film star to rock star. After all, the move would certainly be a crowd pleaser.

Here's a clip of Rob performing at an impromptu event for Songs From a Room and also talking on the red carpet about his one-day music career. (Note how he says he'd rather devote himself fully to acting or music at any given time. Well, now that the Twilight series is wrapping up, he has the perfect opportunity to shift his focus!)

Are you psyched for Rob to record an album?


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