Kim Richards Makes the First Smart Choice of Her Sobriety

kim richardsKim Richards has checked out of rehab and is now staying with sister and fellow star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards. Kim, who checked into an undisclosed facility at the beginning of December, didn't mention what she was getting treatment for, but any fan of the show knows that Kim seems to have some problems when it comes to alcohol and prescription pills. We've seen the 47-year-old and mother of four slur her words, talk absolute nonsense, and get inexplicably angry even when confronted in the most gentle manner. Hopefully rehab has helped Kim combat her dependencies -- it was clear from the show that she needed professional and/or medical attention.


Even though this is not Kim's first stab at rehab, I'm encouraged that Kim has left the treatment facility and made a great first decision: Staying with Kyle. I'm so glad she's not staying with that troll of a boyfriend she had, Ken, because as a third-party voyeur whose only insight into their relationship was filtered through a Bravo lens, even I knew he was trouble. Well, maybe not trouble, but he didn't seem like he was the best guy to help Kim get on the straight and narrow.

Kim's reportedly seeking outpatient therapy and will continue to strive to live a healthier lifestyle while she recovers . I will selfishly admit that I'll miss her inebriated finger wagging -- how great was her "fight" with Brandi at Kyle's white party -- but I'm looking forward to seeing Kim sober and clear-headed next season. I'm sure her family and friends are, too.

I wonder if this means there will be less drama next season ... hmm. Guess only time, and Kim Richard's intoxication levels, will tell.

Do you think Kim made a good choice to stay with Kyle while she recovers?


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