Brad and Angelina Would Be Awesome Neighbors But Not Because We Love Them

jolie-pitt kidsWell here's a big surprise: When People Magazine asked readers which celebs they'd most like to have as neighbors, the Brad and Angelina family came in a close 2nd, just behind Tim Tebow! In spite of all the mocking about the 6 kids (half adopted), Brad's facial hair, and Angelina's glam/goth ways, people would love to have them living next door. 

I have my own theory as to why: It's not about Brad and Angelina. People are hooked on those adorable kids of theirs. We just can't get enough of them. See little Vivienne and Knox coming and going all day long? I think most neighbors would just love that.


Never mind that there's 6 kids in the Jolie-Pitt household. Ordinarily that might not sound like so much fun -- especially for childless people with low tolerance for kid noise. But those 6 kids, well that's another matter. (Come to think of it, maybe it was the non-parents who all voted for Tebow?) For fans who are parents, wow, can you imagine the play-dates? We all love having well-behaved neighbor kids around who can play with our own kids. Letting your kids host a little tea party with Shiloh and Zahara could be kind of awesome.

I think we're also all wondering how Brad & Angelina do it. Would we really see Brad cleaning up vomit from the deck? Would we see Angelina breaking up fights between the twins? Or are all those kids just magically well-behaved? How many nannies does it take to keep the family together? And now much time do those parents really get to have with their kids? People are dying to find out.

I can think of one huge draw-back to this scenario, though. The endless paparazzi. If the Jolie-Pitt family lived in your average American suburban neighborhood you know there would be trucks and photographers parked all up and down your street. And know what else? It would totally creep out Brad and Angelina to see you standing there every single day at the back-yard fence, waving and offering them a beer. So you would have to play it all cool. "Oh hey, Brad, I just happen to be watering my rosebushes this morning. Again. How's it going?" Otherwise they would either build a taller fence or just move away.

Would you like to live next door to the Jolie-Pitt family?


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