Kate Middleton Is Making Some People Richer Than The Royals

kate middletonThe Duchess effect is real, and it's happening. Reiss, the U.K. brand behind two of Kate Middleton's highly photographed frocks, announced earlier this week that their profits nearly doubled in 2011 -- Telegraph reports that the company's operating gains went from about $4 million to $8 million. They don't come right out and credit Kate for their soaring revenue, but everyone is quick to point out she certainly played a role in Reiss' amplified success.

When Kate wore a white Reiss dress for her official engagment photo shot by Mario Testino, it sold out within days. And when Kate wore a camel-colored Reiss dress to meet the Obamas, the site selling the dress was flooded with feverish shoppers, and it crashed. And that's just the tip of the fashionable iceberg.


Kate's blue engagement dress sold out, even knock-offs flew off the shelves, and everything from her perfume to her alleged skin care products are selling like hot cakes, as well. And it's no surprise, really. Kate has a timeless, approachable style that makes us (just me?) want to dress like a better person. And now that Reiss has released some cold, hard facts about how their numbers have sky-rocketed this year, I think our suspicions about Kate's over-reaching reign in the fashion world have been confirmed. She may not be a Princess, but she's certainly Queen of style.

I'm sure countless designers are all clamouring to dress Kate in 2012, and the trickle down effect is going to be glorious. Kate's going to wear beautiful clothes next year that are stylish and affordable and we peons are going to be able to snatch those frocks right up. That is, if brands pay attention and stock ten times as many of the dresses Kate wears. The Reiss numbers back up the claim that Kate's power is stronger than any other fashion force on the planet -- hopefully brands will rise to the occasion and plan accordingly.

Once we see Kate in a great dress, we're going to want to buy it, and e-tailers should be prepared for that. Hopefully 2012 will bring us more Middleton fashion wins, and more opportunity to purchase a replica. Now that there's evidence of her profitable influence, there will be no excuse if a brand sells-out of her dress. The Duchess effect is here to stay.

Are you surprised by Kate's influence in the fashion world?


Photo via UK_repsome/Flickr

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