Kardashian Sisters Even Worked Their Charms on Their Nanny (VIDEO)

kardashian sistersKardashian tell-all is in the works! TMZ reports that the Kardashian's former nanny, Pam Behan, is shopping around a book about her days minding Kris and Bruce's brood back when they were wee ones. The Jenner boys had better watch out. Apparently Pam thought they were "extremely spoiled and disrespectful." But what about Kim and Kourtney?

Supposedly Pam will be revealing some "intimate details" about the girls -- but I predict they're going to be the kinds of details that the Kardashian girls will approve of. Expect something along the lines of favorite boy bands, maybe an awkward braces photo, Halloween costumes, you get the picture. Why no dirt? Because apparently the Kardashian girls were tight with Pam. Even at a young age, Kim and Kourtney were no doubt working their magic influence over their nanny!


You can see why. Here's Kim dressed up like Minnie Mouse for her birthday as a little 4-year-old. So cute! And so shy -- she can barely utter a word on-camera. My, my, how far Kim's come along since then.

And here Kim is, clowning around with Kourtney in funny little matching masks, singing and dancing for their dad. "We're Superman!" they tell him -- which is hilarious of course because where the heck did that get that? Superman doesn't wear a mask and he's not a dancing little girl! But it's one of those irresistably charming moments kids are always creating. Not to mention -- how cool that they're being Superman and not the usual pink princess, right?

Anyway, what nanny could write a mean word about these sweet little girls? If this is how Pam remembers the Kardashian girls I can't imagine that she'd want to reveal any embarrassing details -- if there are any to reveal besides the usual "when they started their periods." (There's a detail I can definitely live without!) But I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Sometimes people surprise you -- but I hope Pam is as loyal to the girls as they seem to be of her.

What kind of "intimate details" about Kim and Kourtney do you think Pam will spill in her tell-all? What would you want to know?


Image via KimKardashian.celebuzz.com



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