'The Hunger Games' Will Never Replace 'Twilight'

breaking dawnHush, hush, sweet Twi-Hards. Rumors of the Twilight series losing fans to the next guaranteed goldmine film franchise, The Hunger Games, are nothing to worry about. So what if Breaking Dawn: Part 2 lost out to the first HG installment in a poll as the most anticipated movie of 2012? We've got to look at the big picture here, people.

Everybody seems to be forgetting that The Hunger Games and Twilight aren't direct competitors! We're talking cinematic apples and oranges. Supernatural romance thriller vs. Futuristic psychological thriller.

Twi-Hards, trust me. Before you get yourself all worked up like Jacob when he's about to shift into werewolf mode, ask yourself this very important question:


Are there any vampires in The Hunger Games?

No, there are not. And so we can safely say that while there will probably be a fair amount of fan-base overlap, one series can't possibly replace the other.

We might have an issue if The Hunger Games also starred Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. (Or even just Robert Pattinson.) Or if The Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 were scheduled to open on the same day. (Or even during the same month.) But they're totally not. So why make it into a competition, movie-goers? There's room for all of us at the multiplex!

As for such measures of popularity as MTV awards and poll results and the like, well, we all know these aren't the kinds of things that predict a classic. And clearly Twilight will go down in history as a cultural phenomenon. Will The Hunger Games do the same? Maybe. There's room for all of us in the history books! (You know, the ones film majors read.)

Do you think The Hunger Games could ever replace Twilight?


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