Kate Middleton's New Year's Eve Plans Don't Include Crazy '2012' Glasses

kate middleton prince williamWe reported on what they did -- and wore -- for Thanksgiving and Christmas, now it's time to stalk Kate Middleton and Prince William's New Year's plans! Yay! According to US Weekly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to ring in the new year at Prince Charles' 53,000 acre estate named Birkahll in Aberdeen, Scotland. A source said, "[William and Kate] will stay for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Charles and Camilla will be flying there, too.” Kate's parents, Mike and Carole, have even been invited along for the romp (unlike at Christmas), but, most likely, they're going to have to find their own place to stay, because, they're not, you know, royal.

Another holiday, more royal traditions and festivities. Shocker. I'm thinking this has to be getting slightly irritating to Kate at this point. Even though she'd never dare say so.


I understand that when you get married, you have to make some sacrifices -- you can't spend every holiday with your family; you have to eschew some of your own traditions, etc. But with Wills and Kate, it's all royal family, all the time. And I mean, I get it; she's going to be the Queen of England some day and all -- and I'm sure she knew what she was getting herself into -- but still. I bet there's a small part of her that wishes she could just don a pair of crazy 2010 glasses and act like a fool.

Kate seems extremely mature, but she is only 29. I hasn't been that long since she was seen out and about, hitting up the London clubs with sister, Pippa. She almost had to transform overnight. And I don't feel bad for her, because she looks like she's really enjoying herself, but I do wonder: Is she ever just over all the non-stop stuffy royal business?

Come next holiday season, though, this will all be old hat to Kate. I'm sure with every year that goes by, it will get less "annoying" to her (if it even is), and more just a part of her new life.

Hopefully, her family, who is typically excluded from all the festivities, will come around to it, too.

What sacrifices have you had to make since getting married?


Image via UK_respome/Flickr

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