'Extremely Loud' Saved Sandra Bullock's Acting Career

sandra bullockEveryone's on team Sandy, right? That's Sandra Bullock of course. And I'll admit, I was a huge Jesse James fan -- used to watch his show years ago when he built awesome motorcycles and I was psyched when he and Sandy got hitched and were all lovely dovey at the Oscars. Then the unthinkable happened and it took me a little while to process and believe all those cheating claims were true and now I'd kind of like smack Jesse with a hot tailpipe. Particularly because being blindsided (zing!) by James' infidelities left Bullock feeling "permanently broken."

She says she didn't think she would ever return to acting, to the spotlight. And who can blame her! But the movie Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close brought her back to the big screen and it's all thanks to the director.


Stephen Daldry is the director of Extremely Loud, which is about a boy and his mom and how they go on after the dad was tragically killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11. I need to see this film and bring three boxes of tissues with me not only because of the subject matter but Tom Hanks plays the dad. Yep. Star of Forrest Gump, only the most incredible movie ever and the movie that makes me cry even when watching it for the 489th time.

Radar reports that this is what Sandra says of being lured back to making movies:

I honestly didn't think I was in a place where I wanted to work or wanted to step out of where I was. ... I wasn't prepared. But the opportunity was louder than my head. So we had a great time. It's no longer 'selfish actress' in the moment. I wanted to have an amazing time with him and, fortunately, Mr. Daldry presented it. In every possible way, it was the best!

Thank goodness. I'm so happy a project like this helped her. I think many of us can relate -- you go through something devastating and that's it, you want to just lock yourself inside with a box of chocolates (because that is life, right Forrest?) and just eat and eat and eat and forget it all.

Of course Sandra has her oh-too-cute son Louis to focus on as well, but now she's got this great film, a little something for herself, and I hope she gets another Oscar nod for it. I'm glad she feels fixed and not broken anymore.

Will you be seeing the film?


Image via djtomdog/Flickr

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