Kim Kardashian's Jaw-Dropping New Year’s Eve Paycheck Shows She's Still Got It

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian (and lord knows her most ingenious skill is getting people to talk about her, whether or not terms of endearment are being used), but it seems her popularity hasn't taken much of a hit lately, despite that whole embarrassing … you know …. *whispers* marriage thing.

At least, if we're judging her approval rating by how much she gets paid to show up at an event and look pretty, it would appear Kim is still on top of the world. And by "world," I of course mean "incomprehensibly enormous towering stack of money, the likes of which us mere mortals cannot even begin to imagine," because she's reportedly being paid quite a tidy sum to hang out at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas this weekend.



(Yeah, I don't know about you, but she definitely has my New Year's Eve plans beat, assuming I spend NYE the same way I have for the past 6 years: sprawled on the couch hitting the TiVo record button so I can finish watching the fireworks display the next morning because OMFG I can't stay awake one more second.)

Despite all the talk about how Kim's failed 72-day-long marriage to Kris Humphries caused permanent damage to her personal brand, I'm guessing being single again doesn't hurt her bankability one bit when it comes to party appearances. The Tao gig is reportedly part of a multi-event deal, so it seems that at least one company is betting that booking Kim is a smart marketing move—and I'm sure they're right. Kim "worked" for Tao last year on New Year's Eve as well, when tickets for the nightclub in the Venetian cost a cool $200 a piece.

Obviously Tao believes they'll earn back Kim's jaw-dropping six-figure appearance fee and then some. While some may accuse Kim of staging a marriage as a publicity stunt in order to cash in on TV and magazine deals—it's pretty clear the public is still willing to shell out a wad of cash for the prestige of being in the same building as her on New Year's.

Kim's not the only celebrity getting compensated for partying this weekend, but so far she's definitely pulling down the biggest paycheck. Fergie will reportedly earn $100,000 for performing at new nightclub 1Oak at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, and rumors are swirling that Katy Perry was going to be paid to party, but failed to bring in the $250,000 she was asking for.

What is there left to say about Kim Kardashian, really? Love her or hate her, the woman sure knows how to sell her image. Who knows how long her ride will last, but she's clearly making the most of it while it does.

Are you surprised a Kim Kardashian party appearance is worth $600,000?

Image via Tao

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