Amber Portwood Can't Blame MTV For Her Latest Troubles

Amber Portwood is the Teen Mom we all love to hate. And for good reason. She has been nearly a constant screw-up since we met her on 16 & Pregnant and now things seem to be getting even worse. And she is trying to blame MTV.

Portwood was arrested on December 16 for possession of a controlled substance, but it was unclear what that substance was until now. It turns out Portwood has been popping all kinds of pills without a prescription. These pills included hydrocodone pills, which is a pain reliever as well as muscle relaxers and other medications. She testified that she has back issues and scoliosis, and that a doctor prescribed hydrocodone, which she said she admitted she abused. She also testified that she felt pressured and exploited because of MTV. “I want to quit, and I will,” she said.


It is sad and heartbreaking for her, to be sure. With a family like hers, poor Amber never had a chance. But the person for whom our hearts should really break if for her daughter Leah.

The children of addicts can grow up and be functional adults, but there is no doubt that there will always be a shadow over whatever they do. Having known a few in my life, some of whom hide their problems better than others, I am 100 percent certain that this will be a very painful part of baby Leah's life.

If Amber can't get it together for herself, maybe she could do so for her poor little girl. On Friday, December 23, Portwood appeared in court from jail via video conference. She is due in court on January 13, also on the charge of violating her probation which followed a suspended two-year jail sentence for assaulting Leah's Dad, her on again off again boyfriend Gary Shirley.

Amber claims that people harass her all the time in public for her troubles and how public they are. She claims that is the reason she is fighting and has taken to medicating herself. But Portwood can't blame MTV for all her troubles. In fact, a smarter and more savvy woman would have used the opportunity MTV provided to make a life for herself. She could have easily escaped some of the traps of teenage motherhood by focusing her energy (and extra money) on finishing school and not becoming a sad cliche. She did none of those things.

We can all observe and have our judgements, but it is a lot less fun when you consider that there are real people involved, one of whom is a child who needs her mother. MTV did not cause Amber to act like this. And sure, it is cruel to harass Amber in public or call her out when she is just trying to live her life. But the fact is, she has made the choices that have led here and she has had a lot of opportunity to get back on track.

MTV could have been the best thing that ever happened to Amber. But SHE made it the worst.

Do you think she can blame MTV?

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