Mel Gibson Divorce Leaves One Burning Question

After 31 years of "marriage," Mel Gibson's divorce is finally final. What? You thought that ship had already sailed? Well, you and everyone else. But the truth is, Mel Gibson -- despite fathering a child with Oksana Grigorieva, having tons of other relationship drama with her and being accused of domestic violence, has still been married to someone else. And now Robyn Moore, his now ex-wife, is taking what's hers -- roughly $425 million.

This leaves only one question: Why didn't she do it earlier?

Seriously, she must have the heart of a saint. The couple separated in 2006 after 26 years of marriage. This was just after Gibson had a drunken-driving arrest and went on an anti-Semitic tirade against the police at the scene. Still, she did not file. In fact, she did not file until 2009 when news broke that her husband had fathered a daughter with his now ex-girlfriend. 


What took her so long?

The couple had seven children together, which I am sure played some role. But seriously, how brainwashed could she have been. The Gib is crazy and has been for the past, oh say, 31 years. Maybe it was religion or goodness knows what else, but it serves Gibson right to be single on Christmas.

Her settlement is considered to be the highest divorce payout in Hollywood history and in this case, she deserves every penny. She was with Gibson before he was even famous, she put up with every infidelity rumor and supported him and his children as he built his career. Hell yes she deserves every penny.

The fact is, Hollywood divorces often have prenups and that is because many times, people are already famous. But Robyn was prepared to spend her life with a starving actor and got a mega star instead. I'd say she earned that money. And how.

She has plenty of time (and money) to enjoy the rest of her life free from Gibson's insanity. I'd say that's a merry Christmas for her and many, many good nights.

Do you wonder why she waited so long?



Image via Made In Hollywood/Flickr

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