Taylor Swift Doesn't Belong on the 'The Hunger Games' Soundtrack

taylor swiftTaylor Swift is a beautiful young girl with a beautiful young voice. Nobody's arguing that. But does she fit on The Hunger Games soundtrack? Let's examine that question, shall we?

A good way to begin our analysis might be to consider what film soundtracks Taylor Swift has previously graced. Well, there was Hannah Montana: The Movie. More recently, she can be heard on the Valentine's Day album.

Well, those are very much in the same genre of film as The Hunger Games, right? Dark, violent, angst-ful ... wait, no. That's not right.

Okay, let's take a look at some of Swift's song titles. "Innocent." "Tied Together With a Kiss." "Today Was a Fairytale."

Well, those are very much appropriate for a movie about teens forced to fight to the death ... wait, no. That's not right.


Look, I'm not saying that Taylor Swift is a one-trick pony. I know artists can stretch and reinvent and be creative and that's the whole point. But I still think she's an odd choice for The Hunger Games soundtrack.

The name of the song is "Safe and Sound," and some are saying that Swift's presence on the track isn't even necessary (it's a collaboration between Swift, the alt-folk duo the Civil Wars, and Hunger Games music producer T Bone Burnett). The consensus among detractors is that the song would have been better off without her contribution and that her involvement is nothing more than a bid to sell more albums.

But The Hunger Games is poised to be Twilight-level huge. It certainly doesn't need the "boost" one Taylor Swift song might theoretically provide. Maybe this change in direction is coming from Swift herself? Maybe she's ready to lose a little bit of the bubblegum.

I guess we can give her that benefit of the doubt. Wonder what her next move will be ...

Do you think Taylor Swift belongs on The Hunger Games soundtrack?


Image via 1035 WEZL/Flickr

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