Kris Jenner's Scary Music Video Reveals So Much About the Kardashians (VIDEO)

kris jenner music videoKris Jenner may think she was fooling us by being an open book in Kris Jenner ... and All Things Kardashian, but there's a lot more going on behind the scenes with reality TV's kookiest mom-ager. At least, that's the blatantly obvious conclusion to draw from this bizarre music video from 1985 that's surfaced on YouTube.

Looks like back when her last name was Kardashian, Kris had then hubby Robert help her make a Rebecca Black-esque video to celebrate her 30th birthday. Set to the tune of Randy Newman's "I Love L.A.," Kris sings, "I love my friends!" while walking pantsless on a treadmill. She then has lots of random L.A./Beverly Hills types (including O.J. Simpson) chime in, "She loves you!"

Yes, it is as terrifying as it sounds.


Check it out for yourself (and pay special attention around 3:29 for Kourt, Kim, and Khloe as kiddos!).

Ahhhhh!!!! Sooooo frightening, soooo awful, right?! I know the '80s -- especially in fancypants areas of Hell-Ay -- were a whole different ball game, but seriously, what ... the ... HELL!

As wacko as it is, I have to say ... this video is a HUGE watershed in "all things Kardashian." It just says so much about this woman. She's not just a wee bit of a megalomaniac with a taste for fame. Oh, no. It goes well beyond that. When you think about it -- and especially after watching this video -- you kind of have to admit ... she's a mad genius!

Her appetite for the spotlight was rampant back then, so you can pretty much only imagine how crazed it must have been by the time the girls were old enough to get into show biz.

What's more, she probably passed this fame-crave gene on to her girls, so they're just like mama now ... except in addition to making cheesy music videos, they also do nonstop reality TV, design leopard-printed clothes, "write" books, get paid to tweet and marry basketball players, etc. Whoo boy! Clearly, the psychology behind the Kardashian Machine is just all kinds of twisted madness. I think this video gives us even more reason to be very, very afraid.

What do you make of this video?


Image via YouTube

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