Michaele Salahi Exposed to Be a Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

salahisEveryone loves to hate Michaele and Tareq Salahi. Possibly the most delusional and un-self aware people ever to grace our television screens, the White House crashers certainly kept things entertaining on The Real Housewives of D.C. But even though the cameras stopped rolling long, long ago, these certifiably crazy Salahis are still stirring up the drama.

So we all know that Michaele dumped Tareq in the middle of the night and ran off to be with some short guy from Journey. Clearly, Tareq wasn't too happy about that. And now he's speaking up about just how nuts Michaele really is. I mean, we all knew she was a liar and a creep, but now that her soon-to-be ex-husband is spilling about just how little truth there was behind all of Michaele's stories, things are getting very interesting.


Tareq told the Huffington Post:

Michaele is a well-known and documented liar from 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' to our personal life with her other false statements such as being a Redskins cheerleader, Victoria's Secret model, college graduate, her M.S. ... Everything was a lie in our marriage ... Michaele lied about her real home [when] filming the 'Real Housewives.' Michaele lied ... about attending college. Michaele lied to her own friends, family and cast about an eating disorder. Michaele lied to the public about loving our dog Rio. In short, nearly everything told me was an apparent lie.

Obviously, if you were a fan of the show like I was, you came to your own conclusions about Michaele. I, for one, thought she had some sort of schizophrenia because it was clear to me she had no idea what was real and what wasn't. And the lengths that she went to to facilitate these lies -- remember when she went to the Redskins cheerleaders reunion and tried to fake her way through a routine?? -- were just astounding.

I always thought that Tareq was pushing her, coaching her through this false life she'd made up for herself, and who knows, maybe he was, but it sounds like he's fed up with all the lies and is finally ready to tell the truth.

And frankly, I love it. I want her to be exposed if she is indeed a liar, liar, pants on fire. I wouldn't be surprised to know that she lied about having M.S. To use one of the most over-used phrases ever: Who does that?! Who just lies and lies and lies, especially in the age of the Internet when everyone will know you're a deceiver and a deluder?

These people are effing out of their minds.

What do you think about Tareq's statement? Do you think Michaele lied about pretty much everything?


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