Pink's Touching Rescue of Abused Puppy Is the True Meaning of Christmas

puppyIf there's one thing that would be really nice about having a ridiculous amount of disposable income (okay, we know there's a lot more than one), it's got to be having the ability to play superhero whenever you feel like it. Especially when it's for a cause that's extremely near and dear to your heart.

Like singer and mom Pink, who recently came to the rescue of a puppy who'd been abused in the worst way: Thrown from an L.A. overpass and left to drown in the Los Angeles river.

I know, it's enough to make you sick, right? The poor little thing suffered three broken legs and was apparently not doing very well when Pink got wind of the story -- and immediately donated $5,000 for surgery to save the puppy's life. Yay! 

An amazing thing to do. And I can't help but think it might have helped Pink to heal from a tragic pet loss in her past ...


In 2007, Pink's beloved bulldog Elvis drowned in her swimming pool. She was "devastated" by the accident, which happened very unexpectedly when Pink went out to run an errand for about an hour and left Elvis in the backyard alone. The odd thing was, Elvis was an experienced swimmer ... so no one knows exactly why or how he drowned. But the horrible incident clearly haunts Pink to this day.

At first I wondered why Pink didn't adopt the puppy post-surgery (another great family apparently has, which is very happy news), but then it occurred to me: Maybe she's not over losing Elvis yet. Plus, Pink is a mom now -- her baby daughter Willow is just the cutest thing ever -- and maybe she feels like it's not the right time for a new animal. (She's probably right.)

Either way, Pink is definitely a superhero as far as one little dog is concerned.

Do you wish you could do more to help abused animals?


Image via Jennifer/Flickr

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