'American Horror Story' Season Finale Delivers True Parenting Nightmares

American Horror Story is, by far, the greatest thing to happen on television in a long, long time. The last two months have been a roller coaster ride of fear, suspense, and craziness , and the season finale delivered the goods in a big way.

One of the biggest mysteries of the season was how on Earth they would be able to sustain the horror in a coherent way and carry it into a second season. Well, they did. It's a huge testament to the writers and producers that they were able to pull it off.

The show took some major chances and delivered some major shocks throughout the season. It broke more taboos than any show before it, so while the season finale was shocking, it was, perhaps, not as shocking as I expected. ***Spoilers ahead.


As we all probably expected, Ben Harmon bit the big one when Hayden hanged him from a chandelier. Despite the macabre nature of the hanging, it was as happy an ending as the Harmons could have hoped for after moving into "murder house." They celebrated a bizarre Christmas with the stillborn baby and Violet.

This finale was all about family, which sort of did round it out in a macabre and sick way. As a parent, there were about 15 parenting nightmares that littered the episode between stillbirths, dying in childbirth, losing a teenage child, having an infant that never grows, and, perhaps, worst of all, raising a child who will be a psychopath.

As we saw, the little boy made of Tate and Vivien grew into a killing machine, slitting his nanny's throat and feeling none too remorseful about it. "What am I going to do with you now?" Constance asks her grandson, the mix of pride and revulsion clear on her face. What indeed?

The show is, at its heart, a macabre family tale and the horror and sickness are woven in with the love and sadness. It would be -- and is -- a tragedy were it not so highly entertaining. But as a mom, this episode sent chills down my spine. There are horrifying moments for all, but for parents, there are some unique ones.

It looks like Season 2 might pick up on the Damian references a little more since it seems the baby Constance stole from the Harmons is going to be a little anti-Christ type. He is, after all, the spawn of the soulless Tate.

Next season can't come fast enough.

Did you like the season finale?

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