Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have Everything They Want for Christmas

robert pattinsonSure you've been busy making your own holiday plans, but like any devoted Twi-hard, all you can really think about these days is what Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are doing for the holidays. Will they be together? Maybe they're already in that relationship phase where you trade off with each set of parents: KStew for Thanksgiving, RPattz for Christmas. Or maybe they part ways (temporarily!) to spend some alone time reconnecting with family and reflecting on the effect of fame and fortune on romance.

As it turns out, neither of those scenarios applies! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart definitely aren't splitting up (temporarily!) for the holidays, and from what we've heard, they're sticking to just one location (which would mean one family/set of parents, right?).

And I'm guessing that family is ...


The Stewart clan! Actually, that's not really a guess. KStew and RPattz are in fact planning (reportedly) to hang out with Kristen's family while the couple celebrates the season in Los Angeles, though whether or not the get-together is planned for Christmas Day isn't known.

But the pair is saving the best for New Year's Eve! They're spending the night at the Palihouse Holloway hotel in West Hollywood, where they'll dine on a five-course meal with a few close friends as a live band plays swing music.

Sounds perfect, right? Not to mention smart, from a "healthy relationship" standpoint. I mean, you can just imagine how stressful it would be for them to run the NYE paparazzi gauntlet. A strain like that could take a toll on their happy couple-dom.

Well done, RPattz/KStew. Best wishes for 2012!

How do you think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should spend the holidays?


Image via Eve Rinaldi/Flickr

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