Super-Dramatic 'Real Housewife' Joins 'Glee' Cast and We're Stoked!

GleeThis season of Glee is doing pretty well on the guest star front. First, Idina Menzel popped back into the picture, then Gleeks were rocked with the news of future appearances from Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan.

Sure, all of these big names bring some excitement to McKinley, but none of them are nearly as stellar as this surprising new addition to the cast: A Real Housewife.

You're probably thinking it's going to be one of the bajillion women who have attempted singing careers, like Kim Zolciak or Countess LuAnn. No no no, my friends. In fact, this Housewife may be the last person I expected to step foot in Lima, Ohio.

See who it is after the jump:


Everyone buckle your seat belts, NeNe Leakes is coming to McKinley!

Leakes will be playing the part of the school's swim coach, Roz Washington, and whipping Sam (Chord Overstreet) into synchronized swimmer shape come January. Personally, I couldn't be more excited for NeNe's Glee debut! I'm even more stoked since rumor has it Leakes' character and Sue Sylvester are going to be butting heads quite a bit.

Yes it's a little unexpected, but I think that NeNe has the potential to be THE best guest star the show has had to date. Let's be real: the woman's got some serious pizazz and SO much attitude. 

We watched her larger-than-life personality on Celebrity Apprentice, and now we'll see if she has the acting skills to go with it. As it is, all of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been acting like NeNe's a major star now that she's hung around with Donald Trump. If you ask me, this could be NeNe's real big break. I'm praying we get to see her sing a song or two, and I'd LOVE if it was with Sue!

What do you think about NeNe's guest role on Glee?

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