Prince Harry Brings Studly Back to the Royal Family

Prince HarryPrincess Diana would be so proud of her boys if she were still with us -- William for all his humanitarian work and for picking such a lovely down-to-earth bride and princess, and Harry for being such a MAN. Here is a guy who pretty much has it all -- good looks, money, status, family name, any woman on his arm at the snap of his finger, and what does he really want to do? He wants to go to Afghanistan to fight in an ugly but necessary war. How much hotter did he get after you just read that?


The 27-year-old prince told guests at an awards ceremony Monday night that he's going back to Afghanistan next month: "I can't wait to get out there." That's not simply saying it's something he knows he has to do out of duty or appearances or whatever, that's saying he's actually excited about it. This comes four years after his last mission there was canceled after 10 weeks because some media outlets found out he was serving as a battlefield air controller and it was too dangerous for him to remain there.

You can say all you want about the war, but how awesome is Prince Harry's dedication to serving his country! A lot of princes and sons (and daughters) of royalty could easily go the exact opposite way, preferring to party and polo their lives away on mommy or daddy's dime and status. I'll say it again, Princess Di raised those boys right.

Harry has been busting his butt flying helicopters the past couple months, both in America and in England, to get ready for this tour of duty. According to the Washington Post, Harry became the first member of the British royal family to serve in a war zone since his uncle, Prince Andrew, flew as a helicopter pilot in the Falkland Islands conflict with Argentina in 1982.

We all know of or hear stories of thousands of other young men and women with the same dedication to service and his country, and a desire to help struggling nations battle their oppressive governments and spread democracy and peace around the world. What Harry is displaying is nothing revolutionary. But when someone as high-profile, admired, and celebrity worship worthy as Harry sets this bar, his example is beamed across the world to others in his position who may not have the same exemplary view of service and the military. Hopefully it makes them see things a little differently.

And a side benefit: This could mean even more photos of Harry in uniform. Oh baby.

Do you think Harry's attitude about serving his country sets an important example to other young people?


Image via Walking With the Wounded/Flickr

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