Amber Portwood Is Only Half the Problem in Her Kid's Life

Gary Shirley LeahThe more details that come out about Teen Mom star Amber Portwood and her recent trip back to jail, the bigger the present I'm thinking Gary Shirley should send her. Portwood's ex-fiance and father of daughter Leah has been looking like the good parent these days. Although when you compare him to a mom who was allegedly driving under the influence and who will be spending the holidays in jail, who doesn't look good?

Not surprisingly, Gary can't just take advantage of his good fortune and run with it. The guy who decided his toddler needed her own Twitter account can always be counted on to flap his gums! He's been keeping the world apprised of his own misdeeds.


Shirley celebrated the news that Indiana's Child Protective Services decided the couple's 3-year-old should live with him permanently (although Portwood says she still has "joint custody") by taking the toddler to Disney World with a bunch of his guy pals including The Real World Las Vegas' Adam Royer. And then he chronicled the ride back, right down the car accident they were in, and the people who allegedly ran from the scene. Shirley and his friend Colin don't seem to be at fault, but his description of the accident is a doozy:

The guys who hit us ran away but left the car prolly illegal aliens @ColinMetzger was driving they hit my side thank God my cars a beast..

The Twitterverse erupted with outrage for his ignorance, and Shirley tried to backtrack ... only making himself sound even worse:

Didn't mean the last tweet how it sounded they were Hispanics and they made sure we were ok and then took off idk y they did

Soooo, not only did he think they were illegal aliens because they ran off, but now he makes it clear he was actually completely racist! That's father of the year prize material right there! I just can't wait to hear Leah parroting back her parents' disturbing ideas when she starts to really talk on the next season of Teen Mom. That's where bigoted kids get their viewpoints after all.

Yes, compared to Amber's apparent drug abuse and failure to follow the directions of her probation officer, Gary is clearly the more stable parent. But that doesn't make him a good one! He needs to take his focus off his fame and put it squarely on Leah. The little girl needs him more now than ever before.

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