Snooki’s Being Sued: Mo Money, Mo Problems

snookiNicole "Snooki" Polizzi is in some hot water. Not like jacuzzi hot water; more like legal hot water. The miniature star of the Jersey Shore is being sued by a licensing company to the tune of $7 million -- SRG Ventures claims that Snooki sabotaged the deal they had together to put out Snooki-based merchandise when she worked with other companies behind their back.

Re-er! This could get ugly. But as Snooki's fame and fortune continues its inexplicable yet meteoric rise, she's gotta grasp the timeless adage that's helped many a celeb come to terms with their issues: Mo money, mo problems.


She and her cast mates are getting more and more marketable by the day, but soon our desire for Snooki slippers, JWoww clothing, Situation tuxedos, and Sammi jewelry is going to wane. And saying that it will "wane" is being generous. It's more like the desire for stuff with their names on it will take a nose-dive into a cavernous pool of poop, never to be uncovered again.

So they're smart to capitalize on their fame while they can, but they gotta know that lawsuits, and big ones, are part of the territory. I know The Situation has had his fair share of legal disputes -- maybe he can advise Snooki on what to expect. Then again, I wouldn't take any advice from The Situation unless it was regarding ab work or overall douchery.

I'm sure Snooki's got a team of lawyers to rely on here and I hope they have her best interest in mind. Along with fame comes a bunch of leeches, too, and that's the last thing she needs right now. We'll see what happens when she gets her day in court.

What do you think of the star power that the cast mates have?


Photo via Splash News

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