Jessica Lange's Secret Breakup Makes Young Celebs Look Like Famewhores

Have you been watching American Horror Story this season? I initially tuned in for its weirdly spooky vibe, but now I watch it for one reason and one reason only: Jessica Lange. The rest of the show is just okay for me, dawg, but Lange is relentlessly brilliant in every single scene.

As much as I love her on the show, the only thing I really knew about Lange's offscreen life was that she's been in a very long term relationship with playwright and actor Sam Shepard. Sadly, Lange and Shepard have confirmed that they have gone their separate ways, ending a partnership that started way back in 1982.

The amazing part about this news is that they apparently broke up two years ago, and are only now confirming the split. That's a hell of a secret for two major celebrities to keep, don't you think? The way they handled this on their own terms, with dignity and privacy intact, conjures up comparisons between old school Hollywood and, well, the Kardashians.


One of these things is classier than the other…♫

Lange is no stranger to high-profile romances; in the past she was linked with choreographer Bob Fosse and ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. Lange first began dating Shephard nearly 30 years ago, and the couple have two grown children together.

Lange's publicist has confirmed that the two first decided to live apart two years ago and have since completely ended their relationship. No word on what caused the breakup, and I doubt there ever will be, unless the two of them decide they want to make it public knowledge.

Their approach to releasing personal information is quite a change from most of today's celebrities who would probably be holding a press conference within moments of separating, or spreading the news via Twitter. It's true that Lange and Shephard probably don't have a gang of paparazzi following them everywhere they go, so it's probably been easier to keep this under wraps than it would have been if they were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—but it still must have been a challenge, especially as Lange has recently become popular again for her Horror Story role.

If you ask me, young celebs should take note of this classy, private announcement, and consider ditching the ever-present cameras in favor of a little vintage Hollywood glamour. Who knows, maybe it'll extend their career. After all, at this rate I doubt any of the Kardashian clan will be earning industry awards when they're 62.

Are you surprised to hear about Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard?

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